Severely obese teenager desperate for a life style change.

I just wanted to say that I know you can do it. Although I am a fairly petite girl, I do go through my own phases with binge eating (where all I eat is donuts and 600 ml of full fat milk) due to emotional issues. I thought maybe I could give you some of my tips, of things I do to deal with changing the diet: - When you start, it will be very difficult, food CAN be like a drug, you body will "withdraw" from lack of sugar; You need to give yourself a couple of weeks to deal with the torture of that, You Will Feel shit! - Eventually the craving for sugary, bad foods WILL die off/subside, and you will start craving healthier foods. - Drink shitloads of skim milk, or even half fat milk (skim milk is better): it fills you up, makes your stomach feel good, and there is something in milk that has been proven to accelerate weight loss. - If you feel a craving, have a shot of Apple Cider vinegar (can make cravings go away). - Eat a Granny Smith apple - also has something in it to make you feel full. - Eat Sultana Bran, with a shitload of milk. It has some sugar in it (from the sultanas) The bran makes you feel full for the entire day for a very long period of time. - If you can get used to them, eat roasted chickpeas (I know they are a bit crap), high protein, low carbs, low fat, low GI, so you feel fuller for longer. - Try to cut out anything white (Bread, Rice), or reduce it by A LOT. - Increase your meat intake, while you are first starting out, as the protein will keep you full, and its yummy. Cook it in olive oil, etc. - Sometimes when I eat a meal, I make sure I take sips of milk/water, in between bites, it helps me fill up. - Do WEIGHTS at the gym, the stronger your muscles are the more quickly you will burn fat. - The more you work out (and the harder you work out), eventually this will make your cravings for food subside.

  • Don't focus on your objective weight (scales) - this can be demoralising - focus on how your clothes fit.
  • I can't think of anything else.

  • No sugary drinks.

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