Daily Simple Questions Thread - January 19, 2023

This is not a fitness question so I apologize for that. However, there are a lot men here and I have a question for you men. Day before yesterday, I was rough housing with my boyfriend, we’re just playful a lot. I jokingly went to spank his bottom but aimed a little too low and caught his testicles by accident. He grunted and said he got a little nauseated and I felt terrible. The brunt of pain passed within maybe 15 seconds? He showered later that night and said his testicles were still hurting and now last night, he was saying he didn’t feel good and had a headache and his balls still hurt. He’s being pretty distant and seems angry and I’m just feeling terrible and confused. I definitely did not hit with enough force to cause trauma, I don’t think. It was a playful spank. But I don’t have testicles so I really have no idea what he’s feeling or anything. He was really distant with me last night even though he didn’t seem angry earlier in the day. Men with testicles…. Could I have really hurt him so badly? I googled it some but it seems that lasting pain should only be present with pretty severe trauma, like a baseball or a knee to the crotch maybe? I know you can’t truly judge not feeling the force of the spank. But I just wanted some perspective from people who have testicles. I’m feeling so bad and don’t know what to do!

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