Rant Wednesday

There's 100% someone ranting about me on this exact subject...

So... gym is fairly full but for whatever reason the squat rack and bench are usually a ghost town. I mean, legit always always available. I wanted to rip some BB curls (we're talking 2 sets in <3-5 minutes) so go to do so and immediately a couple plops down behind me, starts eyeballing me, rolling their eyes, smirking, chatting about me, etc. Eventually after a minute of this petty ass behavior, they ask how long I have left and I say maybe 2 minutes max? and the dude, in a very insecure way starts to try and hint at wanting to squat and at that point I was like fuck these kids and went on with my business which I was done with maybe a minute after the fact.

I've seen threads where people cause a scene over someone doing what I was doing but honestly man - if you aren't enough of a big boy to say "Hey man, I'd like to use the squat rack", without being a whiny POS about it, you may need to step outside the gym and hit therapy for a bit. Woulda been happy to speed or fuck off if I was approached in an acceptable manner. That said, I don't feel remotely bad about using an empty piece of equipment for a very limited amount of time even if it is frowned upon, especially when all other curling options were taken (as ridiculous as that sounds). Throw in that sad display of HS behavior and yeah, fuck outta here.

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