Rant Wednesday

Sounds like you could use some Samantha Jones energy.

Also, it sounds like she’s envious and frustrated about wanting to get back to the way she was. That’s a valid feeling imo. It’s got to be painful for her to look at you and be reminded of when she was happier with her body. If fitness and health is important to her, then she may feel some shame that that has fallen by the wayside. Combine that with any possible food moralizing and she could be in a dark place and self hating and struggling, especially if she was used to eating larger amounts of food to keep up with an active lifestyle.

As someone who nursed a bad ankle injury while my friend ran marathons, I know that pain of feeling stuck behind and inadequate (both to your past self and to your friends). The optimist in me has really had to persevere and remind me that my dreams are not out of reach if I have the will. And here I am, I just ran a 7k on Thanksgiving!

I agree with the suggestion to invite her along for exercise and encouraging healthy eating habits. Being a good influence is the best you can do. Ultimately though, it’s not your problem if she wants to lounge on a beach chair and sip mojitos all day with her hand in a bag of chips. That’s her choice to make. For better or for worse.

And frankly, fuck the body talk. Just straight up say out loud to her “hey, can you stop talking about my body? Thanks”. We didn’t do body talk much when I was growing up and as an adult I’ve really learned to appreciate that- it kept me from fixating and getting a complex.

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