Severly underweight quadriplegic woman mistreated and humiliated by Northwestern Hospital. Room illegally searched by police because administrators saw her using CBD for pain relief on YouTube. Despite being dangerously underweight, not fed for 24 hours and forced to sit in own urine. Jump to 5:28.

Understood, but having had a husband go through two years of chemo, they serious need to add thc and cbd to the list of allowable drugs. The anti nausea drugs available had so many side effects. He was taking medications to cover the effects of those medications. Taking care of him during chemo was awful at first because he was on ten meds, and went from the sweetest guy to raging and throwing me on the floor. Nothing allowed him to escape the nausea. We finally just said fuck it and got cbd and marijuana, and it was like night and day. I get the hospital policy, but our lives were unlivable without the help of cannibis through that time. Society sure needs to catch the fuck up and help patients with the resources we have available.

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