[Sex Work] Question for women: Would you date a guy that has paid for sex?

So anyone who has ever employed anyone to do anything is a thief and a tyrant and any man who has paid a woman for sex is a rapist and pedofile. My, my. We do love to use grand, exaggerated gestures when we paint with that broad brush of ours now don't we? While you are at it why not accuse them of being Satan worshiping, neo-nazi, cannibals as well?

A five second Google search would have revealed to you that prostitution in not illegal in all countries. But why let facts get in the way of a good, lazy generalization?

I think most humans have the ability to tell the approximate age of the humans they encounter reasonably well and if there is any ambiguity about her legal status he should leave her alone. Of course anyone who has sex with and underage person or even someone who they suspect might be underage is a absolute scumbag. That is so obvious as to be irrelevant to this conversation. You did however make a very good argument for the legalization of prostitution. It brings it out from underground and woman and children can then be protected.

Let me clarify the hypothetical scenario I meant to present to you. A man (above the legal age of consent) asks a woman (above the legal age of consent) to have sex with him for $xxx.xx.. The woman says "Yes, I agree to have sex with you for $xxx.xx." So now the consent has been established rape is no longer an issue, there for the man can not be accused to be raping her. The man, amazingly enough, is not a pedophile so he asks the woman for her birth certificate and drivers license to make sure she is of age. This all checks out. They have consensual, adult sex. They part ways on friendly terms with no resentment, no hurt feeling and both parties getting what they wanted and expected as per their agreement.. This scenario involves no rape and no pedophilia. He has not hurt anyone, stolen from anyone, lied to anyone or cheated anyone . Do you still feel like you have a right to sit in judgment of him?

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