Should u/Temiriblagg be banned ?

Totally get where you're coming from. I think the issue people have is with "repeat offenders", whoever it may be, as opposed to the one off "my uncle works at LFL". I think for the most part, when someone makes an alleged leak post out of nowhere, this community enjoys deciding whether it's BS or not. However, I think any of that fun is instantly diminished when someone is proven wrong (or just obviously wrong), and repeatedly continues to have 'new leaks' for their entertainment.

I don't think that every post should instantly be scrubbed and ban upon posting if a leak seems fake or whatever. Those will either be downvoted to the bottom, or removed after anything is called out.

The issue is people being allowed to post repeatedly, after being called out numerous times, and doing things like lying about being verified. And while that has now been taken care of, I think having some kind of policies in regards to repeat offenders is worth looking into.

We appreciate what you do, and obviously the mods cannot please everyone - but I think that having some more guidelines in terms of content and frequency can help this sub from going to shit. For instance, a user posting a screencap from a film and going "is this the same info from x leak" is a lot less annoying than a user doing the same thing 20 times over.

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