Married men that came to realize you were just the "safe choice", how did you deal with it or fix it?

I mean you’re not wrong. It’s one of those things that growing up it becomes tough to swallow. Again IDK how women are brought up in your culture but in mine women are sort of taught to strive to the “best” from little or “die trying”. I can imagine such a sentiment combined with that natural program already results in how women sort of “harpoon” to certain traits and ignore all others. The day you’re forced to expand that concentrated gaze and your brain doesn’t like what it registers, it’s kind of a doozy. I think with women, the messages we always we receive from the male side is that your attention is temporary. That you will always seek younger, better, shinier and because of that we have to settle for what we get as our worth to you is temporary. We receive these sentiments from very little. No guy ever needs to tell us because it sort of gets told to us from the moment we’re born. Automatic. I think a lot of women just assume men would be “ready” to swallow that pill because we’re forced to contend with it way long before most men do. Even the most naive, optimistic, sheltered woman knows this.

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