Do Simulacrums NOT drop 1 guaranteed Delirium unique anymore?

Yes this whole change was just a dumb way to destroy ever further the value of most uniques. Lots of mid range value uniques have decreased in value due to this change. They just drop too damn much.

The amount of time I see unique lions pelts in maps now is stupid. I don't know what is the deal with uniques in this game, why does it have to be HH or everything else... In one case, can't be found. In the rest, people adjust their filter not to see them because even at perfect roll those boss uniques are now worthless.

I wouldn't mind if they moved the areas where some uniques drop, but give them the HH treatment at least. Make them unlikely to drop so they're not all 1c drop when they do occur. The SSF bitches all want to find every single uniques in the game playing for one week in blue maps. But that's a flaw to me. Now the only difference is I guess guardian and conqueror uniques in every single map ran and they're not worth picking up. I just hope when Jade amulet drop that maybe this time it is a Karui Ward... and not that stupid boss unique that drop so often it seem more common than Karui Ward.

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