Situation in the USA as seen from Europe

The social situation in Europe isn’t much better from what I can tell.

Here’s a whole group of people (anyone subscribing to the above) who at the slightest hint of trouble expect America to come to save their ass. Ukraine is a good example. Us Americans are good enough when they need our soldiers and bullets heh. Also look at Ukraine desperately shoving rusty rifles into untrained hands. That’s what awaits any European country, bereft of guns and training when some foe comes knocking- and they always will sooner or later.

America props up Europe. Not NATO. NATO is just there to make sure the other countries do our bidding and make them feel “part of the team” but it reality none of them, not even all of them together, could save America from an enemy that could threaten America. The fact trump didn’t get this and “expects a fair share” is what showed how stupid he is. We -own- every country that has a U.S. military base. Which is most of those countries. Yet these folks talk shit lol.

To boot on that. Most of their abortions are more restrictive. Most of those places have weed illegal. Most are just as racist. Even more elitist- they all have monarchies for fucks sake.

They look down on Americans over healthcare but in reality we’re the tax donkeys to big pharma- they make their money on us so they can charge the rest of the world less. Heh. Europe is chalk full of delusions of grandure that can only exist because America props it up. We subsidize their protection, and their health.

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