Skateboarding Down San Francisco Hills

Yes because that guys skateboard is more harmful than the thousands of used needles clogging the gutters of SF. I don't think I've ever heard of or read any story pertaining to a skateboarder jeopardizing someones life by doing tricks or falling off his board. Hes literally in the middle of the street, no different than a bike or a car. The biggest problem with this city is that people have no fucking situational awareness and daftly wander into the streets all the time. If he did hit that old lady it would be because shes not paying attention to whats going on around her. Pedestrians on foot are more harmful to my safety than this guy is. At what point in time did you wake up and decide to be such a crotchety old fogy anyway? Are you also saying that people on bicycles are degenerates because most of the time those two wheeled fucks are the ones blasting through intersections or just blatantly riding on the sidewalk like it was meant for them. Skateboarders are hardly an issue and anybody with the balls to do something like this has the physical ability to control his board at least most of the time. Plus the fact that you think every time a skater falls off his board it miraculously flies into the air and aims for a windshield proves that you have very little understanding of skateboards or physics. If anything it would ding a bumper or a hubcap, and would probably go unnoticed seeing as how every car in San Francisco has been hit or scraped by someone else's car, but more likely a fucking homeless guy who was fucked up on drugs and didn't like the way the car was looking at him. Please don't speak for cities you are clearly not from, nobody that actually lives here thinks that skaters are high on the list of shit thats wrong with the city. Instead stick to what you seem to be good at, making negative comments on reddit about things you don't fully grasp from the privacy of your basement in whatever flyover state you're from.

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