Sky clearing up his female Twitch streamers video

It's a shame Sky decided not to make any mention of Destiny or Kaceytron and just referenced the Skype debate as "Me vs Totalbiscuit." While that picture that has been circulating ( is somewhat exaggerated, a ton of people have the opinion that Destiny and Kacey's part of the debate had no merit as Destiny was "raising his voice and saying fuck every second word". Sky was raising his voice just as much and interrupting even more but it's not as obvious as Destiny was on skype and his volume levels were higher. Not to mention Sky tagging "nigga" to the end of every sentence is objectively the same as throwing out a "fuck" every now and then.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Destiny fanboy or anything. I'm a youtube subscriber and stream follower for both Destiny and Sky as well as TB, SivHD and Kaceytron(well, I'm a youtube subscriber but not a twitch follower for Kacey.) Basically I'm a massive fan of both Destiny and Sky. Anyone who follows Destiny knows he's pretty experienced in the streaming industry (Being the first person in the world to make a living off of streaming video games) as well being a massive fan of debating with people over big topics (Destiny vs Athene: (Destiny vs XJ9:

Point I'm trying to make is that Destiny was under the impression that he was going to be involved in a good debate like the two linked above, especially considering the smack talk Sky was laying down right before the call on stream "If yo really gonna be about that life Kacey, then bring it on! Bring it on on stream! (While guys in the background repeat this in a taunting manner) I'm so fucking down." "Oh, she really just did DM me her skype. Let's fucking go. Let's fucking go." What he got instead was Sky who hadn't formulated or researched his opinion enough to defend criticisms against it in a logical manner, and who then brought SivHD into the debate who pretty much didn't say anything noteworthy at all and proceeded to thrash talk not only Destiny, but the entire SC2 scene on twitter after the debate. ( and a deleted tweet which said something along the lines of "Nobody plays SC2 anymore, who cares about Destiny.") Not difficult to see why Destiny got aggravated.

It's not like I have "lost respect" for anyone involved. I still tune into Destiny, Siv, Kacey and Sky's streams. Still follow them all on Twitter. Still subscribe to all of their youtubes. While Sky and Siv's opinions may have come across badly in the debate (Note that I directly say opinions as Destiny came across badly in other respects), I don't give a fuck. They're funny dudes, but be careful about talking some smack and getting in esports debates with people who are more experienced than you.

"I mean, I do some dirt, too, but I ain't never put my gun on nobody that wasn't in the game." -Slim Charles

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