[Smackdown Spoilers] Daniel Bryan pissed off the wrong person

Edge is the idiot that got himself involved in fastlane for no reason. His "i hate the way you got the title match" speech to daniel was not only hypocrasy from the ultimate opportunist but also why do you care if daniel is your opponent or roman is? You dont want to face daniel? Great then dont come out and let adam pearce get bullied into making Jey the enforcer for fastlane. Edge had to mosey on into the match and get involved, and now its a triple threat match. (all of this im of course speaking of in kayfabe terms). In reality, Edge got rewarded a main event wrestlemania match after getting seriously injured in an actual match not depending on weapons usage and slow walks through the backstage to make up for age like the only other match he had at wrestlemania last year. He's already won a royal rumble, he retired with a career of main eventing wrestlemanias and didnt need to win the rumble. The rumble should have been Daniels (setting up a perfect fued with roman based on history, daniel never beating roman, never winning a rumble either until this one had it happened, and main eventing his last wrestlemania and winning the title for one last reign before retirement), or cesaros or big e's, or even bobby lashley so he could beat drew in the main event of mania for his first wwe title not the miz on an episode of raw.

i hope its like 2014 and daniel wins the title and gets the run he couldnt have then due to the tragedies that occured just days after the win and the injuries that ended up retiring him for a while. If not daniel then roman should retain, hes at his very best right now, edge literally doesnt need this title, and honestly hasnt earned it based on any merit other than nostolgia and the sympathy for the way he had to retire.

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