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Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

They're rushing defense doesn't appear to be the most potent at first glance, but there is a lot this front 7 does to support the NFL's best passing defense and the third best scoring defense. Linebackers are responsible for tight ends and running backs most of the time in pass coverage. Football Outsiders ranks Seattle 2nd against tight ends and 5th against running backs. Source They've had nine fumble takeaways (7 fumbles were forced by front seven players), tied for 3rd. Source In the red zone, when the field gets tighter and the front 7's athleticism becomes more effective, Seattle's defense ranks 4th (41.67% scoring percentage). Source

Seattle's tied for the 5th most sacks (31, should have had more on Sunday). Source They've only allowed four rushing touchdowns, and the longest run they've given up is just 28 yards. Source

Football Outsiders ranks Seattle's pass rush as the 6th best in the NFL. Source Last year, Bobby Wagner had the best run stop percentage Source, KJ Wright had the 4th best tackling efficiency Source and Bruce Irvin was the 6th most productive pass rusher Source. Those three have only gotten better this year.

There are eight players with multiple sacks. Chris Clemons has been this team's best pass rusher since 2010, but our two new additions (Michael Bennett with 6.5 and Cliff Avril with 5.5) have more sacks than him. Clinton McDonald has emerged as a quality pass rusher and has the same amount of sacks as Clemons (3.5). The team also has 26 tackles for a loss. Source

From a purely subjective standpoint, this front seven is also just damn scary.

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This unit is aggressive and it might be the most athletic group in the league. They consistently get to the quarterback, and when they're playing good run defense it is almost impossible to rush the ball. Yeah, they've had some bad games, but I wouldn't let that determine how good this front seven is.

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