A sociologist looks at people who hate Christians

White affluent educated person here. I would like to set the record straight.

I don't hate Christians for what they believe, though I think it nothing more than indoctrination and self-delusion.

I don't hate Christians for indoctrinating their children into this delusion at an age when they are unable to think for themselves or truly understand what it is they are being led to believe.

I don't hate Christians for believing that genitally mutilating their sons is the correct choice.

I don't hate Christians for their conservative views that oppose my secular views on most every major social issue. From abortion to gay marriage to women's rights.

I don't hate Christians for their treatment of their women. Unlike many other religions that I'll not name at this time, Christians are for the most part respectful of their women and have even grown to embrace gender equality.

What I hate is that they spend tax free religious donations lobbying my government with sums of money unmatched by their secular counterparts. The result of which is a tightening down of women's rights to medical decisions and dozens of state restrictions on gay marriage.

I hate them because just living their lives in their God's image isn't enough for them. They insist, time and time again, that you and I live our lives by their religious doctrine. Worse, they lobby to legally force their world view on myself and my secular family.

They lobby for, have Christians in Congress who pen, and vote for laws that, in my opinion, are government sponsored rape intended to shame women into conforming to their own morality.

Christians in my area had better fucking hope no daughter or wife or sister of mine is ever forced to endure an invasive medical procedure against their will. Because at that point my hatred will go from hypothetical to church burningly real.

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