Adding a mod to /r/Bedbugs, decided by the community. If you want to be a mod, say why you want to be a mod. Otherwise, please vote up individuals that you want to mod. This post will be up for at least a week.

When subeddits get larger, I like to allow the community to vote on adding new mods. That's largely why I made this post.

In the summer months when it's warm in the northern cites we get a hit traffic of around 20,000 a month, but it's leveled off at 10,000 a month for the last 4 months. Yea we got a surge yesterday and the subscriptions jumped a bit, but it's nowhere near 20,000.

90% of the visitors are lurkers, they read and they go. 9% post a picture or ask a question, the 1% is the mods and few other good posts, but mostly that's the cycle here because people are ashamed of having bedbugs.

I started BedbugDiscussion for open talk about bedbugs and it went nowhere. Quite frankly there isn't really much to talk about the subject.

I do occasionally get pm messages from people complaining that their posts or comments were deleted, or that this or that piece of advice for dealing with bedbugs is erroneous or incomplete.

Each of those posts has to be taken at face value why they were deleted. Any pm's questioning such and such should have been directed my way for a explanation or correction or reason why. I'm interested in perfection and open to correction. People who are PMing you and not contacting me directly for explanation/correction have other motives.

Noting came my way, so nothing was done.

I personally don't see any erroneous information in your posts about how to deal with bedbugs.

It would really be a huge waste of my time otherwise. :)

if the community wants to add a mod, they have a right to do so

Mob rules huh?

What if the mob is a bunch of young racist CO2 scammers who look at the bite photos and advising certain people to place several toxic level traps under their beds every night hoping it kills them?

Yea buddy, that's what was going on here when you were AOL. Why did you think I asked to take it over after you made your very first post back on Reddit?

I had to get rid of the CO2 scammers myself!

I don't see adding another mod as a big deal, and I didn't see it as an issue when you decided to add a couple mods.

The mods I added were screened and want peace and stability, care about people, they were not mob ruled.

One is my wife and TheBacons2000 is another fine lady that was here during the CO2 scammers and she started Bedbugadvice because you were AOL and we need to direct people away from the rampant neglect.

I'm not closed to the subject of adding someone who knows what they are talking about and has no commercial interest.

When a new mod is added, the mod team can collectively decide how to handle debates and arguments in a reasonable and adult manner

There has been no debates are arguments here for 6 months or so, see any treads a mile long ending in name calling or insults?

We really don't need any more mods. I think TheBacons probably only deleted a few posts in the last 6 months.

community wants a certain person to be added, they'll get their wish

A good community starts with good mods accepting other good mods or it turns into moderator warfare and a trolls paradise.

giving the opportunity for the community to vote on a new mod

We don't have any need for a new mod, there will be nothing for them to do unless they know more than I do and wiling to advise for free, then I'll be learning off them and keeping mum. ;P

Seriously if there is someone that has been consistently assisting on the sub and giving correct, accurate information, I would have snapped them up already and if better than my advice, I would have deferred to their better knowledge in a heartbeat.

There is more to a mod that just being one, they also have to know their subject or at least not tolerate people giving false information, spamming or trying to make a buck off their dilemma. We also are talking about people's lives here if others give bad information.

There hasn't been anyone really participating well around here for quite some time.

I've been here for 10 months and only TheBacons and A Bottle of Rum, has been a consistent contributor/asset

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