Any vegans or vegetarians?

i admire vegans and vegetarians.

I even have some ethical problems with eating meat rooted in my empathy for living things.

That all being said - i was raised in a very repressive home. Southern baptist, a dad who's ex-kkk, ex-highschool football star, ex-vietnam vet, who has narcissistic personality disorder. My home was chock full of ignorance in every direction.

And i feel i've...challenged all i can and still be accepted by my family. I'm progressive, feminist, environmentalist, atheist, i've attened OWS protests, I'm a free software advocate, i've been a closeted drug-user, my wife and i swing secretly, i've experimented with men sexually - in secret, i've become a wine and cradt beer lover while also becoming a bit of a gym nut who drives a hybrids and tries to shop ethically in terms of labor/environmental impact. I have dated outside of my race more times than worht mentioning and every time was a hassle with the family.

I'm already "that guy" who's always on his soapbox, who my family treat me like i'm a snob just by making the choices i make with zero expectation that anyone else follow in my footsteps. Just by existing. And i get shit for every tiny step i make.

For 15+ years, everytime i sneeze at a family dinner someone has to yell "GOD bless you!" with over-emphasis on God. i get told my car is not a real car or a feminine car. When i was into piercings and dying my hair and shit as a kid it was constantly implied i was a fag (same for hating sports), when i sagged my pants i was accused of being a n----r or a n----r lover or a n-----r wanna be.

On one hand - i really dislike most vegetarian and vegan food. It's bland and boring. Even with spices.

On another i really just like meat.

On a third - i have challenged all i can without just removing myself from my environment entirely. I don't want to be that guy at work, or within my family. I've spent my entire life as the outcast and the black sheep, and as a teen i might have even welcomed it. But now? it's just stress to constantly be judged. And i'm not doing it.

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