Some doubts about what happened in the Tiananmen Square

Just a few links in case your cognitive bias is still in full force.

So I get that it turned into a riot. That most of the killing didn’t happen IN the square, but in streets around that night and in the morning. BUT LOOK AT PHOTOS. Tanks, bullet wounds, dead smashed bodies and bikes. So did the students or civilians bring the tanks and APCs and turret guns? Or was the the power of the entire f****ing military used on regular civilians (who were rioting yes, but for their damn lives).

Stop this. Your country has lied to you. Mine has lied to me numerous times. But pointing fingers doesn’t help. You’re currently embroiled in a similar situation where the protests are going in awhile and China is losing patience. I’ve seen mainlanders post about Hong Kongers as roaches and that they should bring the tanks in. As a fellow human, I am ashamed people could still think this way.

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