Why the Sonic Fanbase Sucks

Okay mate. Let's calm down for a second. You're getting downvoted because you've come right in with an aggressive title and an aggressive post, not because of some grand conspiracy against Sonic 4 fans. Now I don't know about whatever beef you had with the wiki admins or about you getting kicked out of a subreddit for having an opinion, so I'm not going to comment on that, but I will say that if you're willing to have a calm and reasonable discussion, most people here will follow suit. I don't have a clue who this Cybershell fellow is, but from what you're saying I'll assume he's a reviewer of some kind, yes? And like all reviewers it's safe to assume that's he's presenting his opinion on the game, yes? You have to make a certain assumption going into a review that the audience will infer that everything you're saying is just your opinion. It's very inconvenient to preface everything you say with "In my opinion". I doubt he was actually saying "You can't like Sonic 4". He was probably just presenting his perspective on the game in a slightly aggressive manner, with the expectation that viewers would then come to their own conclusions on whether they believe the issues he presents to be as significant as he claims. I doubt it was an actual attempt to start a flame war. At the end of the day, your opinion is your opinion. Nobody is stopping you from liking Sonic 4, and anyone attacking you for that is a bloody idiot that you can safely ignore. Personally I don't like Episode 1 at all and think Episode 2 is... alright. I don't think that because somebody on the internet said so, that's just been my opinion on the games since they came out. If you want to discuss something in a specific context, you need to present that context yourself. If you make a post attacking the fanbase and Mania fans then of course you'll attract a negative response. Instead try making a positive post that focus on why you like Sonic 4 without attacking anyone else, and you'll probably draw more Sonic 4 fans out of the woodworks. You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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