The US sounds like a truly horrible place to live

I’ve lived in three different states-Pennsylvania, Washington state and Wisconsin(present) and one country-Canada, albeit for three months, before I knew I was unwelcome and decided to come to my senses and move back to where my friends and family are majority-located. Did the whole ‘explore, be homeless/not tied down and just work a gas station gig and chill thing.

Surprisingly Pennsylvania was the most welcoming of the three, I met some of the most kind hearted people there and lived in the laundry room of someone I met on the PlayStation 4. Washington state was probably the least welcoming-people silently goff when I said I was from Wisconsin. Canada was...Canada. They had the same Minnesota/Wisconsin nice facade, which I jive with and never had a problem with that. I never could get close to people, so prefer the ‘elongated ice-breaking’.

All are valid reasons :) folks are welcome to move freely as human beings, and if they are able to start a new life and find happiness in that life, who am I to knock them. My life experiences have shaped my beliefs, idiotic they may be or not, but I am not alone in my beliefs. More often than not, Californians in specific coming here means higher property taxes, because they often buy properties that sit unused for months out of the year, or are fly-by-nite rental property owners who only come when they have to.

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