(Spoilers Everything) Regarding Jon and Sansa - Can someone explain to me

Um, no. I understand what a Warden us, but all Wardens (North, South, East, and yes, West) technically only take commands directly from the king. Now, Daven may take orders from Cersei out of respect for what she has done for him, but he most certainly is not required to do so.

And again, Tywin gave Cersei the title of "Lady of Casterly Rock" when he was trying to marry her off to the Martells to make the marriage more enticing. One would assume any responsibilities she had as Lady of Casterly Rock would pass onto her husband, hence why he gave her the title while trying to marry her off. Alas, she gave all responsibilities of Casterly Rock to Damion Lannister. Obviously she thinks that giving these titles will ensure Damion and Daven's loyalty, but neither have any legal obligation to do so. Obviously she assumed that her place as puppeteer, er, Queen regent to the king would keep them in check.

Lady Waynwood and Lady Oakheart are the heads of their households or "Ladies" only because their husbands died, leaving them widows and rulers of their houses until their husband's heirs can take over. In other words, they both inherited their titles from their late husbands and will pass it on to their eldest sons, as blatantly stated in the books. Your argument here is invalid, although Lady Waynwood's hesitancy to pass her rule along is odd, as she is very old and her heir, Morton Waynwood, is said to be one of Lysa Arryn's courtiers so he is assumedly of age. Perhaps she's just stubborn, but either way these women serve as no more than substitutes until their husband's heirs inherit their houses. Nice try, but the devil is in the details.

Thus, Sansa Stark is highly unlikely to inherit the throne as she is not the only living child of Ned (as Jon and, unbeknownst to most, Bran are still living) and most certainly not his widow. And I hate to state the obvious, but as soon as Bran shows back up at Winterfell this whole debate is moot. I don't know why anyone is arguing "Sansa or Jon?" whenever Bran, a full blooded male heir, is returning South of the Wall and will most certainly be crowned the Head of Winterfell and Warden/King of the North. This was even foreshadowed early on when he was forced to assume the role in his father's/brother's absence.

With all this being said, I can appreciate the lengths, semantics, stretches of the imagination, and hoops you're jumping through to give Sansa a chance at ruling the North. It shows you appreciate the character, though not so much the realities of the world around her.

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