(Spoilers Extended) How would Daenerys’ dragons have fared against the other dragons in the DoD?

Alot of people are saying the dragons from HotD would wipe. In the books thats true, most dragon would win a 1v1 against drogon, some would eat him whole. In the show, probably true for Vhagar and Caraxes, But after seeing this post i searched images and gifs, and looked at a decent bit of youtube footage of both i could find to compare drogon to Caraxes. Its pretty difficult to get an accurate comparison. So many shots have them looking the same size, while others have clear to see differences. From the shots ive seen it looks like TV caraxes may be 1.5-2x bigger than TV drogon in s7-8. That doesn’t really make since considering drogon is 1.5 years old and caraxes was 50+, but the show did pump up Danys dragons size pretty quick for the sake of the show. My own head canon for why her dragons grew so fast is due to the blood magic that created them. Show dragons i give drogon a fair chance against the mid tiers like sun/dreamfyre and still gets beat easily by higher tier like vhagar

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