PvP improvement request

quote "many players interested in PvP discussed the current state of PvP. They mentioned that it is broken, will become a serious issue soon with console players, needs balancing, and more. They also mentioned how you, Cryptic, are reluctant on doing anything with PvP" quote end

i'm going to be seriously honest with you on this from my years of reading the pvp sub forum.

playerA, SKILLXYZ is hugely OP and need's nerfed. playerB, it's fine stop complaining about it all you do is whine. while playerB uses it often with their friend's.

shortly after playerC turn's up into the mix after just getting the same SKILLXYZ playerB has been using for weeks with tons of complains by them being called "whiny" in a more colourful form then i'll repeat. playerB, this is such utter bs he flew in fired his SKILLXYZ and killed all 5 of us in one pass NERF IT GODDAMNIT.

the dev's read this and think, first it's op then it isn't, then it is but only as someone uses it better then you to kill you while when you weren't dying to it you had no complaints?

dev looks confused decides not to do anything assuming it's just a form of pvp rage, playerB and friend's eventually quit the game while playerC continue's happily fighting in pvp with playerA having quit after playerB and friend's made it no fun.

i'm just an observer and this is seriously what i've seen in the past, if you do not belive this i welcome you to search though the forum.

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