[Sportsnet] “I knew when Lou left, I was getting fired.” Mike Babcock joins SNChrisSimpson on The Big Picture to discuss his time with the Maple Leafs and how it feels to see them finding success.

Being a leafs fan (ignore my flair) ill be the first to admit that i was on the fire babcock train before everybody, i hated that he played marleau over matthews in the dying seconds of that series, i hated the tie goes to the veteran, i hated it all and i still do.

But people sit here and pretend he's terrible at his job and not an nhl level coach, detroit or not you dont just get handed back to back cup appearances and through all the things he did wrong some of what he said was right. Theres a lot of flaws with this team that could simply be solved by working harder, by wanting it more and looking at what he did with what he had those first few years it makes you wonder what he couldve done if the team was built in the image he wanted it to be.

And dont get me wrong keefe is doing fantastic and only had half a year or so but his leafs didnt make the playoffs, so while its not his fault babcock coached them to regular season success too. I feel like if you throw babcock on a team like boston he'd have great success, we built a team for a guy that was the opposite of what he believed would be successful and people wonder why we were shaking our heads at his decisions.

I personally dont believe the leafs have the right makeup to win, you look at teams that win and while they do have talent they also have heavy hard working players to surround them. Those teams play 60 minutes and outwork you, toronto just tries to outscore you until you put up enough of a fight to not make it worth the effort. And while id love to be wrong i can almost guarantee come playoff time we'll find out that we're a product of the north division.

I didnt like him while he was here, but the more he talks about it and the more i see the same problems with keefe the more i start to believe what he says. And while hes done some dickhead things, the marner list isnt the end of the world, dude was much worse towards franzen.

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