Statement Of The President of Ukraine

Hasty Google Translate Version:

Bloody murder pro terrorists dozen civilians and wounding nearly a hundred civilians Mariupol is not a terrorist act. This is - a crime against humanity, the defendant Hague Tribunal.

Opened aimed fire on residential areas Mariupol, militants continued all terrorist acts, among which, only in recent days - the shooting of a passenger bus in Volnovakha and killing people at the bus stop and the trolley in Donetsk fire on residential neighborhoods in many cities and villages.

Bow our heads to the memory of all who died today, as before.

The so-called terrorist attack - it's their attack against civilians Donbass. Ukrainian soldiers risked their lives to protect civilians fellow and give a fitting rebuff to separatist bastard in all azimuths.

The international coalition in support of Ukraine should provide strong resistance crimes of terrorists, to strengthen all forms of pressure on them that they sponsored and fully supported. That's what I said today in Riyadh and by phone with leaders of the world and is quickly return to Ukraine for meeting the NSDC for strong coordination in connection with this terrible crime.

Civilized countries should further consolidate efforts to stop the spread of terrorist threats. So-called "DNR" and "FSC" should be recognized terrorist organizations.

There comes a time called by name and their patrons. Any help rebels with weapons, equipment and well-trained manpower - is not this support for terrorism, visible to the world?

We are for peace, but the call of the enemy - we accept. We will defend their homeland as belonging true patriots. And to complete victory.

I appeal to the people of Donbass, Ukraine to all citizens who suffer from terrorism and aggression, as the President of Ukraine, I will do my best to protect every citizen to stop the pain and suffering, to restore peace and tranquility in every Ukrainian family - from Lviv to Lugansk from Chernihiv to Kerch.

By combining our efforts, we defend our freedom!

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