Captain Clive Kelly is a true Indigenista, he has been involved with native people throughout South America and has championed their causes for many years and continues to do so.

Clive was voted The World's number 1 - top of the Top Ten - 'Active Ecologist', by Terra (Earth) magazine. His current causes include Seacide, SOS Rainforest Extinction and Stop Xingu Flooding. He is currently in the processes of organising a concert in aid of the Xingu cause, calling on the Rolling Stones to play the show they owe him.

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Clive also has another life as the former top Rhythm and Blues promoter and club owner in the North West of England. In this regard he also represents Allan Williams the original Beatles Manager (now retired of his public and media engagements).

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This is the material that gives as the likes please all of you I beseech you we need the Rolling Stones to do the show they all and the only way we can do that is by getting lots and lots of likes to pump up our energy and the visionary wanting to save everybody your likes help please tell your friends to like we needed your planet needs it Like · Reply · Commented on by Clive Howard Kelly

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