[Stories] What is Your Earliest Proud of Yourself Moment That You Can Remember?

When I was in elementary school we had a temporary gymnastics gym set up with small stations all around the room (rope swings, mini trampoline and giant mattress, tumbling matts, etc). It was everyone's favourite special event in gym.

I can't quite remember what age I was but I do remember that I didn't hold any importance for myself in gym. I wasn't particularly good at anything yet and was even almost failing science. It was just at a time where grades were starting to matter a little.

There was this triangular matt thing leaning against the wall of the gym that pointed toward the little balcony we had. The goal was simply to run up the matt and grab the railing, then climb over. Simple though it may have seemed, not very many people were able to achieve it.

When it was my turn to give it a go, only a few guys had gotten up (well and the teacher) but none of the girls. It was kind of a given that in our class Alannah the athletic kid would be getting up first for the girls. I didn't place much hope in myself.

Then when I was given a try I actually got super close to the railing and surprised myself. We were all given a couple goes so I went again and touched the railing then fell back again. Then on my last try I made it to the railing and struggling greatly I managed to pull myself up and over and onto the balcony (which was super scary at the time). I was so surprised and happy and a few of my friends were clapping for me as I waved and went down the stairs to continue gym class.

I was so happy and proud of myself, it really gave me a boost in confidence. The effect was ruined a little though when Alannah cornered me before I got back in the gym and said something to the effect of she was supposed to be the first one up and that I was lucky to have gone first and that it was only luck that got me up the first time.

I became sort of angry, sort of worried she was right so I went another time and got up again. And even another time because we had a small group at that station and they didn't mind. It was a pretty good day for little me after that. Alannah and I never became friends buuuut that's alright.

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