I study vaccine misinformation. Big tech must do more to fight it. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have made inroads in preventing their platforms from being overrun with disinformation. But more change is still needed.

Watch the movie “Outbreak”. Shockingly accurate for a film.

If in that instance, you refused a vaccine & were a contaminate, you would be quarantined. In other more awful scenarios (Ebola or flesh eating thing), the government could & would strap you down & inject you.
I’m sorry to tell you that. I didn’t know anyone wasn’t aware. The government has a responsibility to THE PEOPLE.

They can & they will take over in emergency situations. Military are trained in these matters. You will do what they say & yes, it’s too late to fight that one. Ask anyone that has lived under police state. Like the Los Angeles riots. The military took over. Curfew at 10:00 pm. Guess what happened to offenders? They were arrested & went to jail. Even if they were trying to buy milk or let their dog out.

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