Stupid Americans, it's called Kilometrey Cyrus, not Miley Cyrus.

I love all the keyboard commandos talking shit lol. Half the people commenting are just KIDS! They're not adults with developed brain function to realize what is really going on. Love how people try to justify terrorism by calling them "innocent civilians" lol a mother who gives her kid a grenade to throw at Americans troops are just normal innocent civilians defending their country lol. If you haven't served or been there then don't talk because you may think you know what is going on but in reality you don't. They are NOT defending their country. These terrorists have killed more civilians then any American has. Yeah, I do not politically agree with this war and I would be so happy to get my boys home and out of that FUCKED UP country they're in. In terms of terrorism I hope we kill every last one of them...

EDIT CAUTION LONG RANT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: Kyle is a hero in the aspect that he risked his life in numerous ways to help the men he was serving with. He was a hero because he did the impossible and he took out 160 terrorists. He is also a hero because he went on not 2 but 4 deployments and gave his time to spend with vets with PTSD. Also Kyle was a good person, he saved many lives there, not your average person could do that. You know what I say to people saying "baby killer" or "he killed innocent civilians" or "he's no hero, just American brainwashed propaganda" GO FUCK YOURSELF! Why do people say Kyle is bragging? He never once bragged, he simply states that he doesn't regret anything he did and he even says I wish people knew me as a father not a killer or how many lives I saved not how many I took. It's obvious that were not fighting for our freedom. Want to know why civilians are killed, here let me tell you a story, a man that we thought was trying to help us and offered us food and was a very nice civilian that we actually trusted turned out to be making bombs, and planted them everywhere and was killing Marines. You think its easy for us to trust people like this? If you don't support us then be my guest to go to the president and complain all you want. Nothing will change and if you hate Americans (basically most europeans/middle eastern people here) you can go fuck yourself. Go to my Marines and tell them to their face that they kill civilians and that we terrorize civilians and that my boys died for nothing. Maybe Bush put us there for oil and maybe rich politicians started this war for economic gain, but to me, and my brothers who enlisted, we went there to stop terrorism and to do the best we can to protect the civilians. Go to Chris Kyle's family or Marcus Luttrell and tell them he died for a lost cause helping vets of a pointless war, people call us brainwashed, stupid, ignorant, yeah this is a different kind of war its unconventional. It's no Iwo Jima or Normandy, were not raising our flag and claiming victory or fighting for freedom. However, just because this goal isn't mainly about stopping terrorism doesn't mean there aren't terrorists and people that will try to kill us. You think were going to sit and watch people get slaughtered by ISIS or the taliban? Ever heard of the Rwandan genocide? Huh anyone? The genocide occurred in the 90's where two groups the Hutu's and the Tutsi's had a rivalry with each other. Tutsi's were higher class and Hutu's were of lower class, but more then half the population were Hutu's. The Hutu's decided they had had enough of the Tutsi's and a genocide began. Almost 1 million people died as the result, and the US didn't intervene, and the UN didn't do shit (big surprise there). We did as most people wanted us to do and that was to back down and stop getting involved in other business, and almost 1 million civilian deaths was the result. People call us the world police because we are the most dependent country, believe it or not but everyone relies on the US in some way, we are the worlds strongest superpower, and we are the most capable nation during times of crisis (its hard for some to really believe but its the truth). Clinton also regrets not intervening and stoping the Genocide. Anyways the point of this rant is that us the Military will go over there to try and help others (yes thats the truth) and to get rid of those who hate us and want to hurt us, if we do nothing more people will die. Yeah like I said before I do not agree with the gov's political stance on this war. But to me and my Marines, we went there to stop terrorism. Half my boys never killed someone and some barely fired their weapon... This is not propaganda or whatever you want to call it, its reality. Think you can make a difference then pick up a rifle and go see what the taliban would do to you if they found your sorry ass. If you don't like me or hate the US then I really don't care, call us all you want but you have idea what we've been through and what were really fighting for. In my opinion Chris Kyle deserves a medal of honor for saving so many lives. US MARINE 0311 GRUNT and proud of it!

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