This sub in a nutshell:

My tire blew out on fucking Christmas Eve after i hit some debris from a truck that had dumped its cargo across 3 lanes of the freeway, and another had just gone flat on Halloween shortly after hitting a pothole that was on a freeway onramp. Before that, in the early summer, a tire got a bubble and had to be replaced. I don't even hit curbs or anything like that. Most years I don't have this many tire issues (though not uncommon to have a random flat because of nails and screws on the road), but I've seen crazy shit on the freeway. A drunk guy merged into me on the freeway that caused my car to rollover about 5 or 6 years ago, apparently he had also hit someone just a couple of days before while drunk and totaled a different car. Once saw an 18 wheeler with an oversized load lose a giant spool of wire that tumbled into the next lane (luckily everyone had given it plenty of space, it looked like it could've easily killed someone).

I sincerely just want to get away from these things, my 2nd paycheck for the month is getting drained by car issues and it's the fucking holidays. I had to spend most of the night on Christmas Eve sitting on the freeway babysitting my car trying to get a tow truck and it was impossible to get anyone because it was CHRISTMAS, so it got impounded. I then spent all of my Monday, a day off from work, trying to get my car out of an impound lot.

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