Suicidal Doesn't Always Look Suicidal

I'm sorry you felt my reply wasn't helpful. I truly meant no harm and I think more than ever we as a society need to speak up about the importance of mental health. I suffer from depression myself. When someone states they're considering suicide/thinking about suicide, I take that seriously. By posting the link to support numbers and chats around the world. I didn't do so to seek brownie points , be a good Samaritan or anything else you're picturing. It also wasn't posted with the assumption that people don't know how to locate this information, but I can tell you as someone who has been both depressed and suicidal I was not alright...I definitely needed help and others pointed me in the right direction for help. I realize situations can be different from person to person and there is a possibility they've already tried to contact a suicide support line, which is why I also suggested speaking to a professional. The irony that you're more focused on attacking me right now versus saying anything that's even remotely helpful to the person that's struggling, but I understand the anger as being something more. I appreciate the feedback and hope things get better for you (I truly mean that). Added the parentheses as I'm not being sarcastic. Depression sucks. Instead of fuck you, fuck depression. Good luck to you!

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