Suspended again bans are automated?

rst I thought it was a Intentional Feeding ban for going 2/17 in my first game of being trolled really bad in, but no that is not the case I got reported for like dying I think once in a game and got suspended for what I would say nothing at least Hi-Rez is not telling me what the reason is so I have submit another ticket today.

If you leave a game, that can be a automated suspension. If you have no warnings on your account, not accepting a queue is a 2 minute suspension, and not picking is a 30 minute suspension. In addition, missing the majority of a match via DC (For whatever reason) is also a 30 minute suspension. The system seems to be fairly complex on what qualifies for the latter. Elevated bad status's on an account will raise this time frame, sometimes exponentially.

Also, Bans and suspensions are different.

A Ban is an indefinite suspension with no olive branch being extended to the player with intent to remove. A suspension is a limited time account hold with intent from hi-rez to remove said hold on account.

According to Hi-Rez, and from what I can determine, bans are always done by a actual person. Suspensions are not always done by a human though, see my earlier example for reference. From what has been conveyed though, it would seem that they will not automatically suspend based off reports though--These require human review. The Automated system will kick in though for obvious stuff, like mentioned above (Basically, leaving the game/not picking).

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