[LORE] Dawn of Babylon Chapter 2-New Dawn

Wait, so this was supposed to appear in the first chapter but was removed? Honestly, this has serious lore implications and interesting tidbits.

1.Ares was fighting Deep Ones, which aren't Cthulhu's spawn but rather Dagon's. This could mean that Cthulhu's goal is to awaken his other Eldritch buddies who are sealed in various places in our planet Earth as reinforcements- Dagon, Ithaqua, Ghatanothoa, etc. Plus, there could be other Eldritch gods in outer space and other dimensions who are using Cthulhu to give them access to planet Earth- most likely Hastur and Nyarlathotep. Granted, Azathoth and Yog Sothoth are also possibilities however they would most likely remain lore-exclusive characters because they could just wipe out the entire Universe with a single thought.

2.Everywhere on the new map there are wall carvings of gods battling fish monsters. While fishmen are one of the creatures Tiamat spawned in her lore, it's most likely they belong to Dagon. The most confusing part is that Lovecraft's Dagon is based on a Mesopotamian deity, and currently Smite has both pantheons. However, these clues are pointing that when he gets added, he would be the Lovecraft's version of Dagon (hoping that he's a Warrior).

3.Tiamat mentions that Zeus reminds her of someone. She is referring to Marduk, the supreme Babylonian god of storms who killed (or sealed) her in the primordial sea. The king in the cedar forest is obviously Gilgamesh who is the next playable character after Tiamat.

4.Granted, this is all just speculation because I don't know what direction Hi-Rez are taking with Smite's plot and obviously they would never outright reveal spoilers about their plans. Considering that they already plan the schedule two years ahead, though I do pray we get Mayan/Voodoo/Polynesian characters in 2022. PS: there are exceptions such as when Ajax said that the destroyer god (revealed to be Cthulhu) isn't Shiva and thus deconfirmed the community's guesses. While the game already has too many Greco-Roman characters, I am hoping the other 2021 characters are these- Morgan le Fae, Charybdis, Banshee and Atlas.

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