Why I switched to console (informative; not a shitpost or rant)

I have built computers since the 90s and luckily upgraded before all the covid stuff happended. I have never built top tier as it has always been a huge waste of money.

Imo the best builds are not top of the range, I have a 2060 and am very happy with it. I only run at 1440p so I don't need a 3080. I have am4 2600x which I'll upgrade when I need to and the prices come back down. But it seems like you're pricing yourself out by buying into the idea that you need top tier stuff when it's mostly for bragging rights from what I see.

I do see why a console can be appealing to people but I have always found bang for buck a much more interesting build than simply throwing money at it. Not to mention you can do a lot more on a PC than console.

Anyway have fun with the Xbox, they are basically PCs these days anyway, it's just you can't upgrade as and when.

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