Switched on Dvorak! My modular cover of a part of Dvorak's New World Symphony

I dont have any midi to cv modules but i figured out that i could use my Minibrute as a sort of bridge between my DAW and my Eurorack. All i had to do was connect my minibrute to my daw (via usb) and it reads as a midi device. I then sent the midi sequence i wrote in my DAW to the minibrute which automatically converts it to cv/oct and gate outputs for my eurorack.

I used the MI Braids as my sound source for all 3 sequence patches and recorded them one by one(the viola bass patch is what is being played live). I used a lil bit of a sine wave lfo for the flute/clarinet patches to give the tremolo sound that those instruments naturally have. I also used some low pass filtering and fx processing with all 3 tracks.

Anyways, hope you dig it!

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