T_D WE NEED YOUR HELP: Lee Stranahan BLEW THE RUSSIAN NARRATIVE WIDE OPEN and he's being STONEWALLED by not only the media but BREITBART ITSELF! Something is going on here! This story needs to gain traction. Please help. More info inside

GotNews reports:


Breitbart News Network’s Lead Investigative reporter Lee Stranahan has one of the biggest stories in news, blowing holes in the FBI’s story about the DNC email server hack by the “Russians”. So why are you reading this on GotNews? Because Stranahan has been ordered by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor, not to return to the White House tomorrow, where he intends to ask Sean Spicer about it.

If you are feeling lazy, check this out:


This guy reads the whole story out loud and gives some minimal commentary.


Breitbart shut him down. The media is shutting him down. CROWDSTRIKE, the private company who made claims Lee DEBUNKED, is testifying next Monday before the HIC!

Comey called them "very respected" in January even though at the time their claims were DEBUNKED AND DISCREDITED.

There's some serious shit afoot here -- and the fact that Breitbart is shutting him down is extra scary.

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