Teachers of Reddit!

No, no. I'm sorry. That is totally unfair.

In reality, you are spending your own money to try and build curriculum.

My frustration comes from being a new teacher (just finished year 6), and having no support. What I see is standards changing, school boards (my second) making insane demands with no support, huge classroom sizes (35+) and veteran teachers offering nothing because they worked on and completed curriculum, and either want to move up the chain to curriculum directors, or sell their shit on TpT.

And what a shit source TpT is. Flashy, smarmy gifs of apples and smiley faces and mediocre content. Meanwhile, school districts can't buy a $300,000 curriculum for a single content area, and there is no alternative. So I write new curriculum every year to match the other six schools in the district, while the veteran teachers bitch about not being able to help because they aren't paid for that time, staying at school for exactly contract time but no more, and because it's their own intellectual content.

So, rather than donating to a growing bank of open source texts, they hoard their shit, which is outdated anyway. Rather than rising to the challenge of increased standards, they cry about how hard it is to meet the needs of each student.

Veteran teachers who taught students who would have succeeded in standardized tests freaked out and dumbed down their material to meet the exact needs of the test. And they feel like sharing even that will somehow give other teachers an upper hand.

I left corporate America to work in schools because it felt like the only place I could make a difference. And it's exactly the same as corporate America. People struggle to get ahead--even those who don't have the credentials to be anything besides a classroom teacher. Gossip, griping, and selfish work.

I am so sick of teachers being so goddamned selfish and narrow-minded. We are training the only people on the planet who can save us from ourselves, and they are totally unprepared for the task.

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