Texas Republican Says Vaccines Are 'Sorcery,' Claims 'Parental Rights' Are More Important Than Science

After reading the article, it is less about Anti Vaxxing and more him not wanting government to step into the providence of Parents in an Authoritarian socialist, that is to say, fascistic manner. At least that is what I got after translating through the left wing bias. His belief in Anti Vaxxing is secondary to his belief that America shouldn't allow the ideas of "For the State, By the State, and only for the State" to gain stronger roots than it already has amongst younger progressives. Let me ask you this. How would you respond if the government took your child away, or mandated that they exclusively be taught an idea or an expression of History you disagree with completely?

Having been vaccinated myself when I was a kid, it was my parent's choice to do so, not the school's nor the government. The fact that the Newsweek writer decided to focus much more heavily on the Anti Vaxxing angle to effectively character assasinate the republican congressman instead of actually focusing in on all the reasons why he was in opposition to vaccination speaks volumes. That and the writer insinuates the Republican gets his money or rather, the anti vaxxers lobbies are funded by shady money while taking Hotez's words at face value that he isn't taking any money from the government or special interest groups. Hilarious stuff.

I get that nottheonion is meant to point out absurdity. But this is two levels of absurdity here. One on the level of the writer of this article who wrote this article with a specific narrative in mind and second that the republican congressman literally used the word sorcery to describe Science.

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