That's a shitload of hail.

I was at untapped fest in Carson Creek, watching Manchester Orchestra play the last set of the night. As we waited for the band to start playing we saw lightning in the distance. It grew closer as the crew finished setting up the instruments. By the time the band finished their first song, the storm was upon us. The lead singer joked about how they were summoning the storm, then lead into their second song. It was one of their more popular songs so everyone was really into it. Suddenly it starts gusting. The curtain making up the back of the stage was suddenly blown forward with gale force. The lead singer stumbled forward, stopped playing, gave a terrified expression, and the whole band ran for the exit. I saw 2 amp stacks just fall over forward and slam on the stage. It started pouring rain sideways. A security member ran to the mic and yelled 'Everyone back away from the stage there is severe weather approaching!!'. Thank you Captain Obvious. Everyone just sobered up and ran for the exit. Within 60 seconds of rain, it was hailing, hard. I made it to my car and jumped in the back seat, drenched. I took off all my clothes to stay warm and lied in the backseat of my car in my underwear listening to the rain and hail pound the roof. I lied there for what seemed forever as the parking lot arteries were completely frozen and I couldn't have driven away if I wanted to. I could see people just stumbling along, being pelted with hail. I felt so bad for them, but I could only lie still and mourn. The loss of such a great concert. It was as if god said, 'ye may have your beer, austin, but get that indie rock and roll the fuck out!'. Hope to see you next time, Manchester.

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