Is there anything a sympathetic American can do to help?

Hong Kong deserves sovereignty, but where was the talk of bringing democracy to Hong Kong when they were brutally colonized by England for 100 years? A British officer in 1842 wrote “the poor Chinese must submit to be poisoned by opium or must be massacred by the thousands”. They were a colonized and oppressed people that were chewed up for a century and spit back to the China in 1997. And now China is to blame for trying to pick up the pieces and reintegrate HK?

I stand for HK sovereignty, but this 100% the fault of the British empire and now the narrative has conveniently shifted to punishing China by economic sanctions.

Downvote me to hell, call me a Chinese bot, I don’t care. I’ve lived in HK, I speak Cantonese, I was there for the protests—but something is twisted in this narrative. The pitchforks are pointed in the wrong direction. I fear for the future of HK under Chinese rule, but I almost fear more for their being used as a political pawn in the hybrid war against China.

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