Is there a difference between freedom to choose and free will?

Put in our terminology: Ludlow ’ s Secretariat case is a metalinguistic negotiation. Importantly, even if ‘ athlete ’ is ultimately some sort of context-sensitive term, it is of a different kind than ‘ tall ’ and ‘ hard ’ . More to the point, the issue here doesn ’ t seem to be about how one should set some context-sensitive threshold (as in the case with Anna and Dan negotiating about how to set the threshold for ‘ hard ’ ). Nor is it about how we should fi ll in parts of the meaning of a shared term that are vague or otherwise yet determined. Those are both things that can be the target of met- alinguistic negotiation. But the issue here is about a more fundamental aspect of the term ’ s meaning: it is about the character of the term ‘ athlete ’ . So Lud- low ’ s Secretariat case is an example of a metalinguistic negotiation that targets the character of a term; that is, the most general meaning of the term.

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