There fixed it

Lmao found my bf 3 months after accepting I was trans now I have a fiancé and first world tgirl problems. (Simps, ‘I wouldn’t even known your one of those transgenders’, people laugh when I say I’m getting facial feminization surgery, my IDs from 3 and 2 years ago are declined without me explaining stuff, not being able to complain about my dysphoria anymore to women cause now it’s my mental illness making it seem like if I’m not a model I’m not passing so putting that on someone to then have the same feeling about themselves is called a ‘dick move’ in trans culture...)

I’m accepted by our families and friends I think mostly cause I pass and I don’t have to try to hard too.

Like I know a lot of trans women and more cis guys fit that description than the ones I know. They need more support systems too in ways we aren’t talking about

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