There was no "Trump derangement syndrome": We were right about him all along

These people have always been here. Something like 30% of humanity seems to be somehow predisposed to following authoritarian leaders.

I wonder if talking down to these people with "Oh I guess that you're part of the subserviant 30% of the population" while using this statistic might be enough to make them realize what's happening to them? I'm not for talking down to people, but since their belief into this "authoritarian leader" is part of their core beliefs, there needs to be something to make them realize their core beliefs might not be as awesome as they think. That might be it?

Plus everybody wants to be in the "special 1% camp", so if you tell them they're part of a "not special" camp, they might change the way they're thinking about this whole thing? I dunno, I'm just ranting here.

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