There's a quote of Philip K. Dick that says: “There exists, for everyone, a sentence - a series of words - that has the power to destroy you". Which sentence is it for you?

"You're so random!" Said by multiple people over the years. At first it really hurt. It is usually in response to me adding to the conversation or providing input. I could always see the logic in my thought process and the connection to the current conversation. The way it is said matters too. Like confused and baffled. If anything it pushed me more towards accepting that I'm an introvert. There would be conversations that I'd be present for, in the car for instance, and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Finally when I had a chance to say, "this is what I have to say about topic A" I'd be told we're at topic C now. So I would stop offering input and then be chided for ignoring everyone or not paying attention. It definitely highlights the appeal of online text based communication as I don't have to wait my turn or see the unknown expiration date on things talked about.

I once tried explaining the chain of logic to my wife, how something can be said and I think of several branches of things, like a ribbon worm proboscis. She wondered if it was undiagnosed ADD as it wasn't "normal."

To hear, "you're so random!" From someone I care about or hold in regard is really them saying, to me, "I don't understand you, you're the problem, change the way your brain works, and I am unwilling to try to understand you."

Also "you look like <not glamorous celebrity>." I know I'm no Zac Efron but why would anyone think saying you look like David Arquette from Scary Movie be taken in a good way. Or being compared to "modern Haley Joel Osment" with different hair. Fuck you.

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