Things haven't changed much

Don’t know if this was intentional or not, but you came reeeeeeeeal close to recapping a Marxist talking point called “permanent revolution”. I know that you probably didn’t intend to be accidentally leftist, but just the tiniest bit further and you’d be there.

Yep, workers organize and take control of their own means of production. Now, in an ideal, democratized workplace, it’d be difficult for one person to really take control of the profits. The whole point is that the workers own equal shares, so there wouldn’t really be a “leader”, although there absolutely could be organizers (who would be elected by the workers).

Now, the idea of permanent revolution though, in Marxist terms (less Trotsky in this case) would entail the revolutionary working class maintaining their independence and pushing for their interests. If someone takes too much power and shit gets wack, overthrow them, do it again but better.

Be careful talking too much about socialism because you might just find that you’re a socialist too if you’re not careful.

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