Things in media that you have no proof for, but you just know because of vibes. Like developemental problems

More than enough time to adjust...maybe!

Alright, maybe I'm a little fuzzy on the timeline but the N64 had been out for like two years.

SA1 was a Dreamcast game, a console that came out after the N64 and PS1.

The people who act like SA1 was this first to the gate 3D experiment frustrate me because that's never been the issue with these games. It's always been an issue of priority, and wanting this grab-bag, variety show style game instead of a 3D platformer that goes fast.

Like SA1 is a better game just by removing content. The overworld and at least two characters drag down the average by a significant amount. That's not an issue with 3D, it's an issue with not understanding what parts of your game are actually fun.

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