Thought you trolls might appreciate my latest cross stitch

I share your concern, about the hypercompetitive hair-brained-bunch; who believe they can con-troll our perception of reality.

Which; if they can't; 'then' they run-tell-mummy and the 'rule' book comes out, to declare you as being what they are and the 'awful truth' is banned !

There's no-one more trolled than Erol; because he reveals 'every' top-secret we're supposed to be in the dark about; until 'after' we're dead.

So we attract all trolls; especially since Erol 'deconstructs' them. Most people don't realise that most trolls work for free and are 'cerebral' sex-offenders.

Because; the average person hasn't studied neuro-anatomy, neuro-pathology, neuro-chemistry, narcissistic-psychopathy and megalomaniacal-sociopathy; they 'struggle' to realise what a cerebral sex-offender is !

In brief; they get-off on decreeing themselves 'winner' of imaginary competitions, which gives them a supply of 'dopamine' and ideally serotonin and better-still a 'rush;' if the evil-dunce believes they've produced an outcome which 'shouldn't' be the case; in other words, the forum turns-against the good guy, in favour of the morally-vacant hate-consumed troll.

This is just 1 of Erol's ground-breaking studies on them; he's renowned for having studied serial-killers and paedophiles and other pathologically-lying, magical-thinking, emotional-manipulators, in the field. All of whom were self-confessed sex-offenders, I.e. 'paraphiliacs.'

Erol reveals top secrets about their psychology and rechristened them 'Neandertrolls,' due to a remarkably ground-breaking neuro-anatomical discovery.

Plus; more humorously; he refers to them as being 'unitards,' as they have 'ingrained' a solitary pathology, due to their solitary addiction to winning their supply, which over-time becomes rigid, thus the term 'hardened' criminal. Keep up the 'good' work.

Ciao, Che'

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