Thoughts on the cast after the premiere?


SindyWithAnS<< is annoying and I dislike her personality Willow<< is my bigbrother crush so far this season, seems like she will be part of a good alliance and could go to Jury at least.. she just needs to lay low a bit first few weeks Naeha<< is a wildcard, can be all talk or can be a good strategic player.. as long as she can hide her independent entrepreneur spirit and play it cool, but I think her need for control will be her downfall Brittnee<< will follow the herd, and switch back and forth if need be to save her ass... floater groupie, just a guess though Sarah<< obviously a bit of an outcast, but a lot smarter than meets the eye and if she can manage to build close bonds early on she can go very far as she seems like she will be loyal to an alliance she believes in. She will go really early for sticking out or make it far into jury if she stays first few weeks Pilar<< probably gone tomorrow, but seems like would be a follower in the beginning but would be loyal to a close group with the guys Ashleigh<< will probably end up in a showmance with Zach from the initial looks of it, will not bring too much to the table strategically but will bring drama if anyone crosses her Risha<< would be voted out if house voted, but will stay and not get along with the girls in the long-term. She will most likely be the easy target out for the house to stay in harmony for another week

Guys: <<Bruno>> Not sure to be honest. Highly doubt he's the next Derrick which he tries to portray (Dad, gamer, strategic) but I think he will end up a pawn in a brolliance thinking he's running shit but in reality being outplayed <<Bobby>> I really like Bobby, probably my second pick after Kevin. He's already viewed as a competition threat but if he can downplay it and ride a good alliance into the jury he can turn up and start dominating. <<Zach>> Smart guy, athletic, if he can keep his eyes on the prize and not on Ashleigh he can go quite far... if he teams up with her publicly, they are both gone... a lot more threatening than Jon & Neda in the eyes of others. Will probably be in a brolliance in the beginning and win comps. It's not in his nature to throw comps so he will have to be backed by a strong alliance to stay. His personality is not really as cocky as they show him, but he sticks out too hard with his athletics, 6"4 build and will be an easy target to go early if the HOH is not a whimp. <<Johnny>> Hmm, will end up with the girls but he will also get along with guys (i mean he's an IT manager, probably has to get along with many guys on an everyday basis, i know.. stereotypical) but he's probably the most i'm curious about as they show him as the ultimate superfan. Have a tingling feeling he will go far but be too ruthless and contradictory..will not be a fan favorite for sure <<Graig>> Brolliance on the way with him and probably will at least attempt a showmance. Similar to Bruno in some ways <<Godfrey>> I found out I have some mutual friends with the guy, being a university student from Toronto ha ! But he's a drama time bomb waiting to be ticked off.. can't wait to watch. He will go out early, but go out with a Bang that will be talked about by all the houseguests even when he's gone (opposed to a bruno, where if he goes first few weeks people will forget his name). Hope i'm right and he brings the drama to the scene and is able to last long enough for entertainment purposes <<JordanWithAJ>> Praying he is not peter 2.0. But looks like he will play a good game ONLY if things go his way... and if someone makes a big move on him he will deal with it emotionally instead of strategically (i.e showing his true colors). That's just my gut.. but If I'm wrong and he is really a good player than i'm hoping for him and Kevin to bro down and take the whole house apart.. with an alliance called "The Takeover". Wild-card <<Kevin>> My fav to win it.. as a poker player myself I can certainly relate and see how he would approach the game like it was a poker tournament (as a marathon and not a sprint). Early on, watch the bad players blow themselves up with horrible bluffs and overconfident play, while you sit back and observe and take notes on all the subtle plays of stronger opponents. Enough about poker... I really think he will be a good player and is similar to Dr. Will in that he will not be too serious and just have fun. Will make at least Jury and hopefully wins it all.

I didn't like how they didn't show the whole circle of everyone introducing themselves in the living room on day 1, that show's a lot. Do people know if Kevin introduced himself as a poker pro? And I really wanna see Graig say he works at Costco lol! Hopefully they show it on after dark or something? :S

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