Thoughts on how to solve climate change?

Gather enough natural gas in reserve to cover estimated usage for ten years. Same for oil. In that time, incentivize corporations with transitioning to renewable energy.

On a local level, incentivize programs to drastically reduce loads over the next ten years with LED upgrades and CoGeneration systems. (CFL =32watts a bulb, LEDs are less than 15). Cogen on common areas and such can reduce burden on the grid. This coupled with demand response programs. Provide incentives for solar and net metering applications.

Further invest in supercapacitor technology and solve our issue of efficient storage yielding high power discharge. Power is presently mostly used as generated, storage as a buffer will help during times of increased demand.

Incentivize electric cars.

Engage people with their usage habits. Provide granular datasets people can parse at their whim to better understand how they’re using energy.

Just some random thoughts from my desk, I’m not an “expert”.

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