Throwback to this GIF of Lauda and Toto (and Hamilton's dad)

Reasons I don't like him:

When he whines to his team in the race. As an example, at Monaco, he just continually complained about tires. Despite being stuck behind Danny Ric who was down 200HP the year before. He then got out of the car and claimed that he learned from years before how important track position is (I'm paraphrasing here). No, Lewis, your team learned. You didn't. This not enough to make me dislike him but is indicative of his personality in the car.

Outside the car, he just seems very fake. It all seems so put on. An example is, after one of the incidents with Rosberg, he had an interview next to him, acting like everything was fine and putting his arm on Rosberg's shoulder (which Rosberg promptly pushed off). Again, not enough to dislike him in isolation, but it seems to me like an indication of his personality.

And stuff like keeping subtly bringing up Rosberg in interviews. He did it recently when he said (again paraphrasing) that past teammates went over the line, unlike Bottas. I get that the relationship falling out was traumatic but keeping bringing him up just seems petty and childish.

Oh and bringing Justin Bieber on the podium to drink some of his champagne. Really

Now I think he's growing up now and isn't as bad as he used to. The Monaco stuff was my first big red flag against him this season. He's also been very courteous when Bottas has beaten him which has been impressive. Also, he does charity work which is really good. And he's probably one of the best F1 drivers in history. But I just can't get over his personality. I don't like him but I respect his performance.

Also, to be clear I dislike other drivers just as much for other reasons.

Yes, people are racist about him. It's fucking disgusting. I feel bad that he has had to put up with that shit, especially in his early career. And it's impressive that he got through that and became a multiple world champion.

I never said I knew that most people who don't like him aren't racist. But claiming they are, without evidence is stupid. And I've seen a fair amount of people with issues with him on this subreddit that I see as valid. No, I can't say that those people aren't racist, but I see no reason to believe they are. And my family, who all watch F1, all dislike him for similar reasons to me.

At the end of the day, you can disagree with my opinion. After all, everyone is valid to their own one. Don't just assume though that people dislike him just because they're racist.

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